Dr. Kelsey Hineman, DVM


Year Started:  2019


Hometown:  Reedsburg, WI


Education:  St. George’s University


Pets:  Dogs: Boomer, Bucky, and Buster,  Cats: Bogo and Mittens


My family:  Husband: Eric


What I like most about working at the Adams-Marquette Veterinary Service:   I love how nice everyone is and how even though I just started, I feel like I belong here.  I greatly enjoy working up tricky cases and being able to discuss them with the other doctors when I’m not completely sure what’s going on.


What I like to do when I am not caring for pets and their family:  In my free time I enjoy spending my time with my family and friends.  We like to go four-wheeling, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.  I also enjoy reading a good book on a rainy day, or relaxing at my family’s cabin.  As long as I’m surrounded by my loved ones and my dogs, I’m happy!