Litter Box DOs and DON’Ts

litter box



✔  Provide at least one more litter box than the number of cats you have

✔ Choose large, uncovered boxes- try cement mixing trays or storage totes with doors cut

✔ Cats prefer litter boxes at least as long as their body length, from tip of nose to tip of tail

✔ Spread out boxes- on each floor-level the cats access but not in the areas they hang out

✔ Place litter boxes far away from feeding areas

✔ Avoid locating boxes near high traffic areas, vents, or appliances that make noise

✔ Scoop daily, and keep the litter about 2 inches deep so the bottom does not get caked

✔ Change litter and wash out litter boxes with mild dish detergent once weekly

cat jumping out of litter box


X Cover litter boxes or place them in tight spots that restrict turning around or sitting tall

X Locate boxes where more aggressive cats could sneak up and corner the user

X Locate boxes where cats will have to pass by beds/territory of dogs or rivals to get there

X Try to teach kittens to dig, as this can frighten them and make them less likely to do it 

X Change to a new litter without first introducing the new litter in a new box next to the old

X Try to punish cats for not using the litter box. They will not understand why you are being mean and it will only worsen the problem by making the cat fearful.